Chemical Guys Innovate Paste Wax and Coating

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Innovate Paste Wax and Paint Coating

Why Buy This Product?

  • Enhances the lustrous, warm, wet high gloss shine that everyone loves
  • Carbon Flex vehicle coating technology extends durable protection and shine for over 12 months
  • Crafted with premium Brazilian Carnauba Paste Wax
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California
  • Custom CNC aluminum case
  • Produced in limited quantities
  • Enhances a deep wet shine on light and dark colors

About Innovate

Innovate Paste Wax is the one product to combine the warm lustrous shine of natural carnauba wax with the durable protection of advanced vehicle coatings. The luxury hybrid carnauba paste wax enhances the warm wet shine that has captivated car enthusiasts and collectors for over a hundred years, and updates it with 21st century Carbon Flex Vehicle Coating Technology for durable protection that lasts for months, not weeks. Chemical Guys master blenders and chemists worked tirelessly to develop the perfect balance of natural carnauba shine with durable protection against harsh elements like UV sunlight, pollution, contamination, and industrial fallout. Normal carnauba waxes create a warm wet shine, but boil off at temperatures felt on a hot summer day. A traditional carnauba paste wax can last up to 3 or 4 months under ideal conditions. Innovate Paste Wax uses vehicle coating technology to lock in the signature carnauba wax shine with extended protection under all conditions. Carbon Flex technology protects vehicle surfaces like paintwork, glass, and plastic with the signature carnauba wax shine for over 12 months. The premium luxury paste wax comes sealed in a custom CNC aluminum case with double gasket seal, ensuring an airtight lock to keep the wax fresh in any detailer’s exquisite paste wax collection. Innovate combines premium natural carnauba wax with natural plant extracts, and Carbon Flex coating technology for the perfect wax coat look that lasts and lasts.

Blended Only With Premium Brazilian Carnauba Wax

Innovate is the finest carnauba hybrid paste wax ever made by Chemical Guys. This exquisite wax is a must-have for anyone seeking the longest lasting deep-wet shine with strong protection against the harsh elements, and for all serious paste wax collectors. Innovate requires custom production methods and a time-consuming pour and cure process, so it can only be produced in custom batches and made to order. Only traditional heating, hand-blending, and hand-pouring techniques achieve the desired look, feel, and finish that Innovate is designed to deliver. Innovate is the new standard for premium handcrafted collectible paste waxes for detailers, show car owners, and elite enthusiasts for whom only the finest and most lustrous shine will do. Chemical Guys reserves the very best and most refined natural Brazilian carnauba wax for Innovate Paste Wax.


Durable Protection From Carbon Flex Technology

Innovate is the first luxury paste wax blended with Carbon Flex technology. This unique infusion enhances gloss and depth with a warm wet shine that lasts for over a year of durable protection. Carbon Flex coatings use flexible protection technology to help reject scratches from the surface of the coating. As the coating heats and cools from direct sunlight and shade, the polymer protection chains expand and contract to reshape itself and actually self-repair minor swirls and scratches that build up on the coating surface. Carbon Flex coatings act like a layer of clear armor against UV sunlight, pollution, water spots, bird droppings, swirls, scratches, and more. The innovative carbon coating is engineered to block harmful UV solar rays to resist fading, discoloration, and oxidation. The durable coating ensures strong protection through spring, summer, fall, and winter. Innovate Paste Wax teams this durable coating protection technology with the beautiful warm wet shine of carnauba wax that every enthusiast and professional detailer knows and loves. The unique beautiful warm wet shine of Innovate lasts for over a full year with just one coat of wax. Protect, shine, and enhance the rarest, most valuable, and most cherished cars with Chemical Guys Innovate Paste Wax.


Custom CNC Aluminum Case

Every pot of Innovate Paste Wax comes presented in a custom anodized gold CNC aluminum case. The container is CNC machined from a solid aluminum billet, and is crafted to preserve the freshness and quality of Innovate Paste Wax. The case features a proprietary gasket design that seals airtight with four hex screws. An integrated o-ring creates a perfect seal to prevent air and moisture from entering the container and spoiling the natural carnauba wax. The CNC aluminum case is designed with rubber cushions for a secure hold wherever it may be presented. The custom Innovate case is anodized gold to store and present the wax with the same jaw-dropping style and effect that the wax itself creates. Add the crown jewel to your wax collection with Innovate Paste Wax.